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Fire Alarms For Your Home

Domestic fires can start when you least expect them, even during the night from something as simple as an overheating plug. Our alarms will give you the advance warning you need to stay safe.

Leading brands

 •  Protec

 •  Siemens

 •  Honeywell

 •  Fire Angel

Is fire safety your number one priority? It should be. The consequences of fire in your business can be terrible, and there are many fire hazards on your property: chemicals, computer equipment, stacks of paper. We'll help improve your fire security.


Active Security Systems install, maintain and repair fire alarms from leading manufacturers. We also install smoke and heat detectors. They can literally be a lifesaver, and our high quality systems can cost less than you think. Call us for a free quote.

Fire alarms are a vital component for every home and business but it's even better if you can stop the source

of a fire before it erupts. We have sensitive smoke and heat detectors that can prevent fires from taking hold. Call us to find out more.

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Smoke And Heat Detectors

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