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Security Gates

And Barriers

Do you have gates and barriers that have been in place for decades? Manually operated gates can easily be bypassed or broken, and they necessitate an operator being there at all times. Electric gates from Active Security Systems can make your premises more secure, and save you money.


We can supply new electric gates and barriers, in any size and style, or we can automate your current gates.

Our expert designers will discuss the most cost-effective way to improve your gates. We always install safety photocells to prevent gates closing on cars or members of the public.

Improving Your Gates And Barriers

Car Park Security

Do you have secure parking for your staff? Make it really secure with automatic bollards, operated by key fob presentation. Don't let your car park provide easy access to criminals.

Exterior security

 •  Electric Gates

 •  Security Barriers

 •  Bollards

 •  Security Lighting

If your premises are dark at night, it's the invitation that thieves are looking for. We can provide security lighting that's on all the time, as a highly visible deterrent, or that's triggered by motion sensors. It's a perfect addition to your security systems.

Superior Security Lighting

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