Theft costs British businesses thousands of pounds every year. Don't let your business add to the statistics. Many thefts are committed by opportune burglars looking for easy targets.

CCTV systems installed by Active Security Systems can be the perfect solution.

Even hard to cable systems are available using our specially designed Emlink-V wireless video systems.


Just the sight of our high quality security cameras can make thieves pass by. Alternatively, we can install concealed cameras that can protect your business from internal threats. Call us today, we'll find the ideal

CCTV system for you.

Stopping Opportune Thieves In Their Tracks

Professional Security Surveys

Before CCTV systems are installed for your business, we'll conduct an

in-depth security survey. This means you can be sure that the cameras are located in the perfect position, with adequate illumination.

When the ambient light levels are just too low, we can install high powered led infra-red illuminators to maintain clear images at all times.

CCTV for:

 •  Homes And Offices

 •  Industrial Units

 •  Shops

 •  Construction Sites

CCTV technology is evolving, and we're at the cutting edge. With remote access CCTV you can monitor your cameras via a PC wherever you are in the world. You can even get secure remote access on your smart phone or tablet. You'll have peace of mind whenever you need it.

Remote Access CCTV

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