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Access control

Putting The Power In Your Hands

Controlling Access To Your Property

Domestic Intercoms

When you hear a knock on the door, how do you know who it really is? Our intercom systems let you hear their voice, or even see their picture, before you decide whether to grant them entry.

How do you control access to your business premises? Keys can be stolen or forged, and locks can be broken or picked. Active Security Systems supply door entry systems that give you the power over who goes where

and when.


If you have secure areas of your business, for example the treasury or potentially hazardous areas, the systems can be fine-tuned so only authorised personnel can gain access, at times of your choosing. The systems can also be used for HR purposes, as an alternative to clocking in machines.

Access via:

 •  Audio/Visual Intercoms

 •  Keypad

 •  Identity Card

 •  Key Fob

Do you run a nursing home? We can install nurse call systems that make life easier for your staff and residents. They're also perfect for disabled toilets. All new disabled toilets now have to contain a fixed communication point. We'll ensure you comply with all regulations.

Nurse Call Systems

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